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Low key sales at a wholesale dealer pricing! I am a blue collar born in America Florida dealer without all the fluff or hiding all kinds of dealer fees. No extra charges like some other dealers that sell you a deal at one price then add all kinds of fees that I have seen add up to 2 grand. So I will sell you your deal for what I say and you only pay the Florida sales tax, tag, title fee and that is what the state of Florida charges not me!  I am just a working man and please understand that I may not have on shiny shoes and have to wash my hands off to show you a vehicle but I am straight forward and honest. So let me help you get a great deal at a great price!! I have found it to be better for you to get your own financing from your bank or I can recommend a few intuitions that some of my customers are using. They have told me it was a breeze to get the loan and I will do my best to help you so call me!! So at this time I am no longer providing in house financing .

Thanks, Randy!

Great deals at great prices!! From an honest start to a honest end!!  Give me  a try.

I am a licensed, bonded and Insured by the State of Florida as a used vehicle Dealer. I do not sell rebuilt titled or rebuilt vehicles ever only clean titled vehicles. I hand pick all of my inventory and try to get the best vehicles I can find, I hope to not be the cheapest or lowest priced ones out there as the old saying goes "you get what you pay for". But with that said I am able to keep my over head way down and I never charge any dealer, clean up, inspection or impact fees of any kind this keeps my inventory affordable. I do not have balloons or hot dogs or gimmicks just great vehicles at the best possible prices I can offer. I specialize in one thing and that is "quality vehicles at the lowest prices I can find" for my customers. So please feel free to contact me 7 days a week from 8am to 8pm!! Remember since I am a small personal dealer you must call first because I am always on the run but I can meet you Monday -- Sunday from 8am to 8pm to show you my vehicles!!